• [REVIEW] Content Marketing Course (With Certification)

    [REVIEW] Content Marketing Course (With Certification)

    Hello everyone! Recently, I completed my role as a Communications Ambassador with IVolunteer for a month. Despite dedicating a significant amount of time to fulfill the duties of an ambassador, I received numerous benefits from IVolunteer Vietnam. One of them was discovering the Content Marketing course and promptly obtaining a certification to share this valuable knowledge with others.

    Currently, content creation and content marketing have become the most popular jobs, often undertaken as part-time or freelance work by many international students and young individuals. Therefore, it is an important skill that every young person should possess.

    With HubSpot’s course, I found the content to be quite comprehensive and detailed, equipping me with the ability to write engaging content. After completion, I would like to share some insights.


    Within HubSpot’s lectures, there are helpful websites and tools provided to support your content writing. You can apply them immediately after completing the course.

    Each lecture is delivered by a different instructor, which helps prevent monotony.

    The presentation style is easy to understand, logical, and particularly suitable for beginners.

    The course also enhances your listening skills.


    The teaching pace is relatively fast, requiring a certain level of English proficiency.

    The course is quite lengthy and may make you feel fatigued.

    At the end of the course, you will participate in an exam to achieve a score of 45/60 and receive a certificate from HubSpot. Don’t worry, I will share some tips to help you tackle the exam more easily:

    Take thorough notes throughout the learning process.

    Pay attention to the Pro Tips provided in the lectures.

    Review the key content before the exam to facilitate information retrieval during the test.

    Finally, cultivate a determined, strong, and passionate mindset.

    Course Information:

    Language: English

    Duration: 6 hours

    Format: Online

    Provider: HubSpot Academy

    Cost: Free

    Course includes: 12 lectures

    I sincerely thank IVolunteer Vietnam for providing me with valuable experiences, especially this course.

    📅No application deadline.

    🎯Detailed information: ivolunteervietnam.com?p=11846

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