📌About Fauna &Flora:

    Fauna & Flora saves species from extinction and habitats from destruction, while improving the livelihoods of local people. Our guiding principles are to work with and alongside local partnerships, act as a catalyst for change, make conservation relevant, and base decisions on sound science. Founded in 1903, Fauna & Flora is the world’s longest established international conservation body; our conservation work, and impact, spans the globe.

    📌 Job Description:

    • Job Title: Project Manager – Mu Cang Chai & Muong La

    • Reporting to: Country Programme Manager

    • Line Manager of: N/A

    • Key Relationships: Country Director; SMART/CCT Coordination Officer; Finance and Admin team; Project Managers; Cross-cutting teams; Community Conservation Teams (CCT)

    • Location: Hanoi Office with frequent travel to project sites.

    📌 Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

    ✨Biodiversity Conservation

    • Coordinate on-going capacity building for rangers of two protected areas on skills for patrol planning and techniques using Spatial Management And Reporting Tool (SMART);

    • Facilitate the assessment and revision of on-going Community Conservation Teams (CCT) at two protected areas;

    • Provide oversight and coordination to long-term gibbon monitoring programme, including assisting with supervision of student researchers.

    ✨Protected area development

    • Lead on training needs assessments and training courses towards the improvement of protected area management capacity for two protected area management boards;

    • With support of technical team, conduct annual Management Effective Tracking Tool (METT) for each protected area;

    • Coordinate the process of Green List assessment for two protected areas.

    ✨Community Development and Protection

    • Be the focal point and technical lead on improving local livelihood, in support of conservation goals, e.g. the development of agricultural activities and/or forest gardens/sustainable forest management, ecotourism in collaboration with project’s partner;

    • Support development and implementation of Knowledge-Attitude-Behaviour (KAB) surveys in each year: baseline, mid-term and project end; surveys on forest use/dependency;

    • Coordinate the development of sustainable finance for conservation through PFES models.

    ✨Programme Development & Reporting

    • Drawing from field experience and data (which the Project Manager will manage), support the development of new concepts and funding proposals, to fund programme activities;

    • Input to support the development of high-quality donor reports.


    • Maintain good working relations with provincial, district, commune and community partners to ensure effective implementation of the project;

    • Develop monthly work-plan, quarterly work-plan and annual work-plan for project following Fauna & Flora’s template with support of Country Programme Manager;

    • Work closely with other project staff and local partners to implement project activities.


    • Provide support to the production of high-quality public reports and journal articles on Fauna & Flora’s work in Vietnam;

    • Provide editorial review and input to the creation of awareness / PR materials and communication outputs (website text, blogs, social media posts, etc.) to the communication staff (UK and Vietnam).

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